Raid Rules and Tactics

Basic Rules

  • Turn up on Time, preferably 15 minutes before start and be outside the raid instance. Raids start at 9pm Realm time, 8pm UK time and end at 11.30pm Realm 10.30pm UK time. Please inform myself or ask someone to pass the message along if you know you are going to be late. If someone is more than 5 minutes then they will not be invited until a suitable point in raid proceedings (Trash cleared/Boss downed). For reference the entrance to the Emerald Nightmare raid is in Val’sharah and is marked on the map (green circle).


  • Be Level 110 (duh) and at least Item level 830. Your artefact tree progression, talent builds etc are up to each individual and I will not check them. Please have some food and flasks with you, using old ones from WoD is fine considering current AH prices for newer ones.


  • Loot will be Personal loot. Pressuring of others to give up loot they do not want to give up will not be tolerated, we’re all here to have fun and progress. I mention this as I have been told it has been a problem in the past that has caused people to leave and I do not wish for that to happen again.


  • Watch videos and read tactics before a fight. Below is a list of videos and icy veins guides for all the emerald nightmare fights. Please read up and watch at least one video before the raid, it will save a great deal of time when going into new fights


  • While my intent is for the raid to be easy going without too much pressure on people we are here to progress. Please do not waste time with stupid pulls or by messing around, while hellfire citadel went on far too long and was easy enough to clear at the end this is new fresh content and it would be great to be able to clear effectively and efficiently.
  • Have fun.



These videos are from Fatboss, most are alpha. Please watch if only to get an idea of how the fights work. Icy Veins does not have a Xavius guide yet.


Elerethe Renferal:


Dragons of nightmare:




Please use dungeon journal. Although by time we get there should be at least one guide somewhere.

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