Legion and Raiding etc

Hi all Az here, included is a spreadsheet of people that are raiding with us going into Legion. I still have a few points to iron out over the next few weeks and some stuff to do.

Raid tactics will be posted in a Word file, one for each boss with a simple easy to follow format (Hopefully) detailing the basics of the fight and including a link to a video to watch. It will be a requirement for people to watch at least the linked video before the fight. You are free to watch as many different videos as you like, the tactics posted will be bare bones and we will evolve them at the bosses themselves to suit the team.

I’ll be adding a few posts going forward, or editing this one as it suits.

See you all in Legion!


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  1. Trinid says:

    Loving the multi-coloured spreadsheet! Good work mon 😉

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