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Iron Reaver HC

More videos will be coming to an Origin Cinema screen near you soon!

We want you!!

We’re looking for fresh ideas and new things to try out. We all know things are slowing down as the expansion begins to draw to a close which is why we’re hoping to inject some new life into our guild chat and guild events calendar.

We’re looking for an officer (or more) to apply and move up our ranks. We want people who are serious about adding to the guild experience in Origin and can bring to the table new ideas and an enthusiasm to do more!

Speak to Trin in-game for more details and to apply!

New Website now open!

Apologies as it’s taken it’s sweet time getting here but now we’re live. News and stories to follow with more information. Don’t forget to signup to the forums and post away. Event ideas, general ideas and general stuff more than welcome… crack on!

No Skinny Bitches

Welcome to the new Orign Website! Please bear with us while we populate it and tweak it to look as pretty as we do….

In the meantime just for Sealed