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Firey Cats

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Legion and Raiding etc

Hi all Az here, included is a spreadsheet of people that are raiding with us going into Legion. I still have a few points to iron out over the next few weeks and some stuff to do.

Raid tactics will be posted in a Word file, one for each boss with a simple easy to follow format (Hopefully) detailing the basics of the fight and including a link to a video to watch. It will be a requirement for people to watch at least the linked video before the fight. You are free to watch as many different videos as you like, the tactics posted will be bare bones and we will evolve them at the bosses themselves to suit the team.

I’ll be adding a few posts going forward, or editing this one as it suits.

See you all in Legion!

origin raiders

Legion is comin’!

It’s getting exciting now, Legion isn’t far away with the prepatch landing tomorrow!

We’re hoping to get some raiding going before the expansion lands to get us all in the swing of things, let Azare/ Trin know in game if you’re interested in raiding.

Trin shall be updating the website in the coming days/ weeks to remove the forums (everyone wanted them, no one used them!) but we’ll keep the front end where we’ll post videos of kills as well as videos to watch to prepare. You MUST be prepared!

If you’ve got any ideas for the guild, events or the website please don’t hesitate to let Trin know!


Website and some updates!

Don’t worry this won’t be like the traditional Queens Speech 🙂

We’ve had some changes around these parts lately; firstly Holyaxel isn’t around as much as he’d wanted to be therefore for the time being I’m Solo GM for Origin and Holy is a guild officer. I, like most of us hope to see him back soon – certainly miss him around the place!

We have a couple of new officers as well, Azare and FierceDwarf; who is hoping to get some alt runs going after his exams (one already in the calendar, check it out!).

Furryone (affectionatly known as Heals) has stepped down as raid leader having taken us through Highmaul, Blackrock Foundry and Hellfire Citadel Heroic (and some mythic) – he’s going to focus on his super awesome DPS now but before it’s all forgotten we must all thank Heals for his work, unless you’ve run a raid yourself you have no idea how much is going on – super job well done!

Azare is our new raid leader, with Kendris (Lano) helping out with raid shoutouts. I’m sure I speak for everyone in wishing them all the best!

We are doing well with our raids having had a couple of wobbles, as most teams do I’m proud to say we’re currently 4/13 Mythic and sit 5th on our realm – great job guys – keep it up!

With the changes in mind we would like to use the forums more – post kill videos to watch before progression etc – please make sure you signup for the forums – any issues let me know in game – Trinidi#2727


Poor Kazzak, didn’t know what hit him…..

Hellfire Assault – Mythic

Most boring fight this expansion done….

Iron Reaver Mythic

The mythic progression continues…. great job guys!

Archimonde HC

Grove Wardens come to mama….

Iron Reaver HC

More videos will be coming to an Origin Cinema screen near you soon!

Heroic Imperator!

Great job guys!

Now the fun begins…..

First Raid Boss of WoD!

The first of many…. (and my first vid go easy!) 🙂